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There are growing number of complaints against Country Club of India Ltd and Country Vacations.

The Managing Director Mr Rajiv Reddy has a strategy to accumulate wealth by frauds and cheating common middle class Indian citizens. The strategy is to plant young students in malls and crowded areas who approach the visitors with an offer of lottery or free gift coupon. As most Indians get attracted to free goodies they easily fall into the trap of disclosing their phone number and personal details. They are asked to fill the details of which car they use and what is their salary bracket. This is to get your financial worth and then get an idea how much amount can be extracted from you.

Soon these targets receive a call from typical "parrot type callers" who blabber what was taught to them. Their job is to keep on calling you with a luring offer of free gift that you have to collect from a "venue" with a strong condition to get your family along with you. Their main purpose is to get the female members of the house to their venue because they know that females can be easily trapped if they are shown big dreams and then will force the head of the family to purchase their time share scheme.

Once you are in the venue you will be showed presentations with a lot of fake promises that you will get;

Free land

Free international holiday

Free national holiday

Free transport and sightseeing

Free memberships to spa and other club facilities

Free usage of community hall for parties, etc.

Free passes for various events

Membership card to enjoy a week holiday in various 5 star and 3 star resorts which they claim to have tied up with

People get lured very easily with the above fake offers as they are taken to a virtual world in the venue that is far from the reality. The attendees in the venue are brain washed to such an extent that they already start to feel  rich by imagining that they are now the owners of land, free access to elite clubs, going to foreign and Indian destinations with free 5 star facilities, free pick up, etc. With so many free facilities their typical Indian mentality of seeking free goodies takes over their common sense and they immediately hand over their credit card to the host.

This is where they make the first biggest mistake !!!!

Once the credit card is in the possession of the host, they swipe it to the maximum extent by fooling you that the full amount will later be converted into EMIs. You get more overjoyed at this.

When you ask for agreement copy, it is not given to you but you are asked to sign the agreement in the venue without even reading the terms. Your excitement and intoxication of free goodies takes your common sense away and leaves little chance that you will not sign. A group of hosts will surround you and force you in such a manner that you will sign by any means. They promise to send the agreement copy with the membership card within 2-3 days, and you become happy.

This is your second biggest mistake !!!!!

Now you have become puppet in their hands with your money in their pocket and you left with no documentary evidence of payment or agreed terms. Soon you will receive calls of another great offer that you can get by paying something extra. You will be told that this offer is only for exclusive members and you are one of them. You feel very privileged and flattered with boosted ego and pay this amount also.

Now their job ends here and your job of chasing them starts.

Soon you discover that you have been cheated because you don't receive membership cards. Even if you receive these, you are not able to book holidays of the choice of your destination and dates. Soon you discover that the amount you paid has not been converted to EMIs and you are in financial crunch. Then you discover that the Country Club has no tie up with 5 star hotels and clubs and you cant to anything as you don't even have the agreement where this point is mentioned. You have no document that states all those promises that were thrown at you in the venue. The promised land is at such remote place where even tigers will not dare to venture. You learn this by hard way.

Your calls and emails seeking refund are never answered and you discover that all those tie clad staff in the venue have vanished. You are left alone without any help and assistance with lost money. You don't know what to do. The police does not help, the government does not help, you need more money to do follow up and file case in the court.

Soon you start to search in google and discover that you are not alone and there are thousands of greedy free goodies seekers like you who were trapped by Country Club of India Ltd. You find various whatsapp groups and facebook posts. Different people suggesting different ways for their satisfaction like signing online petitions, writing to police, writing to banks, etc. But does it help? After wasting a lot of time and money you find that its very difficult to get back your money. When you visit the office of Country Club they say that your payment is non refundable and you have signed agreement also with such clause.

After wasting many years in follow ups you file a case in the consumer court. Most cases are rejected as you had failed to file the case within the time limit of two years. You had avoided consumer case because you did not wished to pay more for making the case and attending hearings. But now you are in a position that you will never get your money as you delayed and got the doors closed for yourself, even if you are willing to pay.

The only way to get your money from the Country Club of India is to file case in the consumer court. To get back your money this is the only option. You will have to spend some amount in fighting in consumer court if you wish to get back your money from the Country Club. The more time you waste the more lost you will be.

It is up to you about what action you want to take. It is your money and your wish. We can only offer to help to recover your hard earned money.


Some important points to remember:

1. You cannot file group complaint in the consumer court as all members may have different amounts and different conditions of their issue.

2. You cannot get refund through FIR. But you can get the Managing Director of Country Club arrested through FIR.

3. You cannot get refund without spending some amount in making case for consumer court. So do not act miser. It is better to spend a little and recover the large amount. Beter than to save little and lose the large amount.

4. Don't attempt to save money by making your own case papers. You need to take professional help as your money is at stake. The better the case papers the faster will be judgment else you will keep getting hearing dates.

5. You need to file case in the consumer court within two years of cause of action.

6. You will require proof of payment to the Country Club. With this receipt or proof you can file the case even if you do not have agreement or other documents.

7. It is good to have record of your email correspondence with Country Club as evidence.

8. Consumer case is to be filed in the city where the office, agent or representative of Country Club is located with whom you dealt with. It is immaterial in which city you reside. The case can also be filed in the city where cause of action has taken place.

9. Consumer court case can be filed against Country Club even if you have another case going on in criminal or civil court against the Country Club.

10. If you do not have any documents or filed case after two years, then there are rare chances of your success. But even then its worth consulting experts by paying them as they will know loopholes to make your case fit for filing. Otherwise you can still try your luck i consumer court as you have no other options left to recover your money from Country Club.

11. Do not try to copy case papers from someone else (to save money) as your conditions, terms and situation may differ and you may copy wrong statements and wrong application of laws on affidavit, which is a criminal offence. You may invite more harm than help.


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Country Club email id:,,



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Country Club of India Ltd / Country Vacations

6-3-1219/A. 2nd Floor, Begumpet

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The Country Club of India Ltd / Country Vacations

273, 1st Main, Defence Colony

HAL, 2nd Stage

Bangalore 560038



Bangalore Police Commissioner:  

The Commissioner of Police

Bangalore City Police

No 1, Infantory Road, Bangalore

Phone: 080-22942222, 080-22943322

E mail:

Twitter: @cpblr



Hyderabad Police Commissioner: 

The Commissioner of Police

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Phone: 27852432, 27854721




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