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Action against builder

Products and services by builder are covered under the Consumer Protection Act.


You can file a complaint in case the builder has given you deficient services regarding the following:


1) Charged higher than agreed amount.

2) Did not give a receipt against the paid amount.

3) Delivered a poor quality construction.

4) Delivered a house that does not comply with the specifications agreed upon.

5) Did not provide for free parking space within the compound / complex.

6) Did not form co-operative housing society and handed it over to its members.

7) Did not provide for water storage tank.

8) Did not provide for enough ventilation and light.

9) Did not deliver the house within the agreed time limit. If time limit not mentioned, it is assumed that the construction will be finished within maximum of 2 years from the date of start of work.

7) Did not give accounts for the expenses against which the builder has collected money, i.e. maintenance, electrical installations (transformer), etc.

8) And many more..........



If you have grievance against builder, send a notice to him in writing. Do not worry if he refuses to accept your notice as only proof of sending is required. Send the notice by registered post or Under Postal certificate. Retain the proof of sending. The proof of sending is valid in the Consumer Court Under Section 28A (3) of the Consumer Protection (Amendment) Act of 2002 and will be considered as the notice has been duly served.


File your complaint in the consumer court in case the builder does not respond to your notice.


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