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To know the procedure for filing complaint, please send a request mail to Please do not use yahoo id because our emails to yahoo bounce. Please do not sent attachments with your email.


The procedure will be sent to you within 2 minutes. Sometimes our email gets delivered to your spam folder instead of inbox. So please check both.


Our services are available across the world. No matter where you are located, you can get our expert services and help through e-mail with a professional touch. No need to run around. All our services get delivered to your desk.


Steps to grievance redressal:


1) Write to the defaulter party

2) Send notice to defaulter party

3) Get procedure for filing complaint to ICRPC

4) Send documents to ICRPC following that procedure

5) ICRPC will issue notice to the defaulter party

6) ICRPC will help you to fight case in the consumer court if the defaulter does not settle your grievance

7) You will not require any lawyer

8) ICRPC will help you to get the defaulter arrested or get his properties attached if he does not obey the court's order


For any other query, write to


IMPORTANT: No attachments please, else sender's address will be blocked. Do not send us copy of your correspondence with other companies, it is useless for us and we don't even read such copies marked to us. 


International Consumer Rights Protection Council (ICRPC) 




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