International Consumer Rights Protection Council (ICRPC)

How to file Consumer Complaint 

in the Consumer Court


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We deal with all types of Consumer Complaints 



YOUR CONSUMER CASE MAY BE SIMILAR. These are not updated regularly.


Time limit to fie consumer complaint in consumer court is 2 years from cause of action

International Consumer Rights Protection Council (ICRPC) is a registered consumer helpline NGO that helps the consumers for filing their consumer complaint in the consume court against defective product or service. Consumer court address, consumer complaint format and all consumer matters are dealt with ease and economy.


Regardless of your location in India, we help to file your consumer complaint in any consumer court anywhere in India. 


All consumers are protected under the Consumer Court to file complaint against builder, bank, credit card, mobile phone, education institute, school, college, hospital, online shopping, housing society, medical service, etc. Keep valid bill against your payment as evidence in order to file consumer complaint.


All our consumer complaint services come to you at your desktop, laptop or mobile phone without running around. There is no need to involve a lawyer because consumer courts allow the common man to defend his own case in the consumer court making the process economical and reliable.


The first step to file a complaint with ICRPC is to get the procedure and format to file your complaint with ICRPC by requesting to Please do not send any attachment or scanned documents with your email.


Please note that it is very important to strictly follow our procedure for filing complaint, and accordingly prepare your documents to send to ICRPC otherwise your complaint is liable to be rejected. We work in very organized way.






Have you been cheated in the market place and want to fight back to save our country from these corrupt people. Then join us now to get our support. Our team is waiting to welcome you to strengthen your hands.

Fight against corruption in consumer court. Do not give any tips to the court clerks, registrar or any other authority. They are your servants and they should know how to serve you properly.

International Consumer Rights Protection Council (ICRPC) 





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