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Ferns and Petals: Refunded money

1) Dr Nitesh Shah of Mumbai (Tel: 8879339405) had paid for delivery of flowers to his friend but Ferns and Petals did not deliver and denied refund. After intervention of ICRPC, the refund was given.


Bag It Today: Refund

2) Goutam R. Karmokar (9769317636) ordered Vox 17 tablet. Defective unit was delivered. After intervetion of ICRPV the amount was refunded on 4-8-2015.

Adhiraj Constructions Pvt Ltd: Refund with compensation

3) Mr Vaibhav Sharma of Navi Mumbai (Cell: 9022133500) paid Rs 13,56,000 as advance to buy a flat from Adhiraj Constructions. The builder was neither delivering the flat nor refunding the amount. After ICRPC notice, the builder refunded Rs 13,56,000 with Rs 1,00,000 as compensation vide cheque no 0011275 dated 13-8-2015 drawn on Kotak Mahindra Bank.


Sushma Fine Dine Restaurants Pvt Ltd: Refund

4) Mr Mayur Palekar of Thane (Tel. No. 9987667402) had booked a hall for 18-7-2015 after paying Rs 25,000. Later the consumer found that the venue is closed and the booking was fake. Sushma Fine Dine Restaurants Pvt Ltd refunded the amount on 9-102015 when ICRPC sent a notice to them.


Cleartrip: Not honoured confirmed booking

5) Cleartrip had put the confirmed booking on hold for Mumbai - Jammu return trip ID 15091259218 for Mr Deeraj Dhar (Cell: 7738356478) and was not refunding the amount. The consumer received refund of Rs 4851 on 16-12-2015 after intervention by ICRPC.

YOU Broadband India Private Ltd.: Refund of excess charges

6) You Broadband was not shifting the connection to the consumer's new address despite repeated reminders. The shifting was done immediately on 16-12-2015 after ICRPC intervention for the consumer Mr Shikhar Gupta (9096324434).

Worldwide Immigration Consultancy Services: Refund after 8 years

7) Mr Drobny Fernandes of Goa (Cell:7507189260) was cheated by Worldwide Immigration Consultancy Services, Pune by promising immigration to Canada and charged Rs 95,600 + UDS 1200. The company neither could get him immigration nor refunded the amount. Running around and waiting since 2007 the consumer could not get refund from the company till ICRPC intervened and the consumer got his refund in 2015. The company cunningly enjoyed the benefits of the consumers money for 8 years and refunded the amount without interest. Even if it was kept in bank FD it would have been doubled, but the consumer did not prefer to fight further and accepted the amount without interest.





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